Where to Eat: The best restaurants and farmhouses in the area

Where to Eat: The best restaurants and farmhouses in the area

From the rustic atmosphere of a farmhouse to the sophistication of a seafood restaurant, here are three not-to-be-missed dining experiences.

Borgo di Campagna Restaurant: Tradition and Nature The Borgo di Campagna Restaurant is a place where culinary tradition blends with a love of nature. Located in a rustic and cozy setting, it offers a unique dining experience with dishes prepared using local and seasonal ingredients. Their specialty? Traditional cuisine dishes that will make you feel at home, immersed in a familiar and authentic atmosphere.


BBQ Meat Restaurant and Pizzeria: Authentic Flavors for Discerning Palates For meat lovers, BBQ Meat Restaurant and Pizzeria is a must-see. Here, the quality of selected meats meets the artistry of cooking on a wood-fired grill, creating dishes rich in flavor and character. In addition, their pizzeria offers a wide selection of wood-fired pizzas, perfect to satisfy all tastes.


La Tavernetta Fish Restaurant: A Dive into the Flavors of the Sea Finally, for an elegant and refined dining experience, La Tavernetta Fish Restaurant awaits you. Specializing in fresh seafood dishes, this restaurant is a true paradise for lovers of marine flavors. Each dish is a work of art, with fresh ingredients and impeccable presentation, reflecting the chef’s passion and attention to detail.


Whether for a casual family meal or a special dinner, these restaurants and agritourisms offer an unforgettable dining experience.