North Sardinia Adventures: Excursions and Trips Not to Be Missed

North Sardinia Adventures: Excursions and Trips Not to Be Missed

From discovering the enchanted islands to tasting local wines, here are some must-do activities for an unforgettable vacation.

Barge Trip to La Maddalena Start your adventure with a barge trip to the Maddalena Archipelago. This group of islands boasts crystal clear waters and dreamy beaches. During the trip, you can admire breathtaking scenery and swim in some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

Dinghy Rental and Visit to Mortorio and Porto Cervo Beaches For those who love exploration and adventure, renting a dinghy is ideal. Visit the island of Mortorio, a hidden gem, and the luxurious beaches of Porto Cervo. This experience will offer you the freedom to discover heavenly corners at your leisure.

Boat Trip to Tav olara Don’t miss a boat trip to Tavolara Island, a limestone massif that rises majestically from the sea. The island, with its fascinating history and enchanting beaches, is an experience that combines nature and adventure.

Snorkeling at Porto Taverna Beach Porto Taverna Beach, with its clear waters, is an ideal place for snorkeling. Explore the seabed and admire the rich aquatic life, a real treat for diving and marine nature enthusiasts.

Bicycle Excursion to Mount Nieddu For nature and sports lovers, a bicycle excursion to Mount Nieddu offers breathtaking scenery and adventurous trails. This natural area, with its waterfalls and natural pools, is perfect for a day of exploration and physical activity.

Visit to Archaeological Sites: Pedres Castle and Tombs of the Giants Sardinia is rich in history, and a visit to archaeological sites such as Pedres Castle and the Tombs of the Giants will allow you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of the island. These ancient structures offer a fascinating glimpse into Sardinia’s mysterious past.

Tasting in Wine Cellars Finally, conclude your trip with a tasting in local wine cellars. Sardinia is famous for its excellent wines, and a visit to a winery will give you the chance to taste some of the island’s best wines, accompanied by local produce.